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NOTICE!  We will be closed from February 4th until late March.  If you need supplies before then please use the “Contact Us” form and I can tell you where to shop while we are away. I always pick up my emails while away.  You can also check the “Where To Buy” page listed above for additional sources.

WORKSHOPS:  I will be teaching several workshops this year.  You can schedule June, September or October.  Email me via the Contact Us page to be put on the weaving class notification list.

Dear Fiber Friends,
  This year will mark the 15th anniversary of C. Cactus Flower Looms.  When I produced my first looms I figured I would be selling them to those weavers who already did Navajo style weaving and just wanted to try another medium.  Little did I realize how a simple little idea would escalate into a full-time business!  First, it was write a little book, then a bigger book, then another book!  First, it was build a mini loom, then a Maxi loom, and then a table loom!  Of course there were accessories, yarn swifts, niddy noddys and on and on.  In the meantime, I have passed retirement age with all the aches and pains that come with the "aging process."  
   I have ideas for designs I would like to make but it takes time to design, test, produce and market new ideas.  New ideas always take a back seat to the production of looms.  I am also beginning to teach more workshops.  Loom making cuts into my teaching time.  Yes, you are beginning to get the idea - I am looking for someone that would like to take over my business so that I may devote more time to design and teaching.  
  This year I will not do any shows.  I am scheduling more workshops and I plan on producing some special "15th Anniversay looms."  I will also be taking more time off this winter so that I may enjoy "retirement!"  So.....if what you want takes more time to receive, please bare with me.  I will never leave weaving the Navajo way as it has been my love for 40+ years.  Maybe soon I will have more time to actually weave!

Welcome to C. Cactus Flower Miniature Looms!  I am Caroline Spurgeon, a weaver and developer and builder of the C. Cactus flower Miniature Looms.  Also author of Weaving The Navajo Way, How To Create Rugs, Miniatures and More!

Miniature projects enable you to learn the techniques of Navajo style weaving on small looms with a minimum of equipment and supplies.  C. Cactus Flower looms are now available in three sizes, enabling you to learn small and then move up in size.  The table loom is large enough you are really weaving full-size.  All looms are guaranteed for one full year.

If you have any questions or need help with your order, please feel free to email or call me.  Please use the form on the Contact Us page or you may call the phone number at the bottom right of this page.

Remember that this is a one-woman operation.  If the 'ye ole' loom builder is out of commission nothing gets accomplished!  If you have a special request, desire wood that is out of the ordinary or have other spccial needs, please feel free to email me.

May you weave in harmony and beauty,


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